Nature 2.0
Home in Between
Fish - work in progress
'Nature 2.0‘ seeks a new understanding of nature. Nature as an untouchable phenomenon has ceased to exist. Humans changed nature. How do we represent nature for our needs? The film is a collage that shows the maker’s view on the shaped nature in our everyday life.
'Nature 2.0‘, documentary, 10.26 min
Director: Maren GedenkCamera: Jasper Bruijns Edit: Maren Gedenk Sounddesign: Steven Vanwetswinkel
Since the beginning of the 2015 refugee crisis, hundreds of thousands of people fled across the Mediterranean Sea to escape war and persecutie. Some of them would choose to make the crossing from Turkey to one of the Greek islands like Lesvos, a crossing that would prove to be an even deadlier one than many other routes. Thousands of lives were lost. After arriving on the European shores life would turn for the better, or would it?‘Home in Between’ is a 360-degree documentaire about the people of Kara Tepe, a refugee-camp on the Greek island of Lesvos.
Director & editor: Maren GedenkProducer: Maurice Schutte Executive Producer: Martijn Boomsma Sounddesigner: Jeroen Goeijers
‘Home in Between - Life in Kara Tepe’ 360 documentary, 18.34 min
This project is a collaboration between Lab Rooms and Movement on the Ground www.homeinbetween.com
‘Fish‘, work in progress
‘Feathers‘, video installation
Analogue diary
I never asked for it
Maren Gedenkmarengedenk@gmail.com (+31) 6 16 396 560
Maren Gedenk, born 1990 in Leer (Germany), currently lives and works in Haarlem (The Netherlands).